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Many times a business does not truly understand in what areas it needs to improve. An independent consultant can be instrumental in assisting the company to determine where their performance deficits lay and offer ways to correct them.

 Is the business suffering from poor customer service?  Are quality issues tainting the company image? Is discounting the primary technique account managers use to close a sale? Are the business systems outdated and providing inadequate, or worse, faulty information? Is a bloated inventory sucking up cash? Is the turnover of employees too high? Are the strategic plans at the executive level well thought out, realistic and doable?  Many companies are not introspectively objective enough to be sure.

Before a company jumps into a specific improvement plan, I suggest that they are sure they are addressing the area(s) where they will realize the best ROI.  From time to time it makes sense to have a business checkup done by an outside source, like a routine annual physical
examination before a condition becomes an emergency. 

Triage in the ER is not the preferred way to treat an otherwise preventable illness.

Gary Drypen

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